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As a quick printing company we are responsive to your needs, doing whatever we can to help you get your books printed quickly and painlessly. 
Have you noticed how, in today's business world, it's practically impossible to get somebody on the phone? Many websites don't even list a phone number ... they really don't want to have to talk to their own clients! Then you send them an email request, and it may be 2 or 3 days for them to get back to you about your publishing order. And when they finally do get back to you, they often don't even answer your question. We've experienced all of that, and we're sick of it.
At 48 Hr Books, we treat you the way that WE would want to be treated. Our authors are constantly amazed at the speed with which we do high & low quantity book printing. And not just printing and binding your books, where there's nobody faster. We also answer your questions quickly on the phone, and reply promptly to emails (usually within just a few minutes). Our Pre-Press department usually gets your proof back to you the same day (although this depends on how much work is needed on your files.)
So we invite you to experience OUR way of doing business. We believe that, just like our many satisfied clients, you will see us as a breath of fresh air. If you've got questions, just call, email or chat-online. The 48 Hr Books quick printing company's experts are here to help!


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