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For us, reading the reviews NEVER gets old.

They show just how much our authors love us, and you'll love us, too, because we really are different!

We've added reviews that have been gathered by eKomi, the Feedback Company. eKomi is an independent, 3rd party review company, so we don't control the reviews. We encourage you to read some of these reviews. Simply hover your mouse over the rating box to the right to see one customer review or, better yet, click on the rating box to see as many reviews as you'd like. They're proof that we really are completely different from any other business today. We put customer service (and your satisfaction) first!

We also receive an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we have for years. So don't just take our word for it. We really do deliver as promised. You can count on it!

And, of course, over 12,000 "likes" on Facebook isn't too shabby, either!

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Get 25 FREE books when you order 100 or more!

Sure, you can order as few as 10 books through 48HrBooks, but if you order 100 or more, we'll send you 25 more books FREE. There's nothing special you have to do... we'll take care of everything automatically. We'll even list the 25 free on your order form so you don't forget. For example: simply order 100 books and you'll get 125; order 500 books and you'll get 525. That's a great deal, and it means that when you sell those 25 free books, it's all profit! Just one more way that your friends at 48HrBooks are here to help.

Days to Shipment Arrival

Shipping Times

Map for UPS Ground Service:

The "2 DAY" clock starts ticking when you APPROVE YOUR ARTWORK and we have received payment in full. We count regular business days (no weekends, no holidays), and each day's cut-off is 5:00 pm EST. Any approvals after 5:00 pm EST will be counted as the following day.

Example: If you OK your proof Monday at 4:45 pm EST, your books will ship Wednesday. But if you wait 20 minutes longer and don't OK your proof until 5:05 pm EST on Monday, the approval will be counted as Tuesday, so your books won't ship until Thursday.

Perfect Bound books production schedule:

Proof OK'ed before
cut-off on...
Standard (cut-off is 5pm EST),
Books Ship...
Rush (cut-off is 3pm EST),
Books Ship...
SuperRush (cut-off is noon EST),
Books Ship...
Monday Wednesday Tuesday * Monday *
Tuesday Thursday Wednesday * Tuesday *
Wednesday Friday Thursday * Wednesday *
Thursday Monday Friday * Thursday *
Friday Tuesday Monday * Friday *
Saturday, Sunday Wednesday Tuesday * Monday *

* = Please CALL US for Rush or SuperRush. They are only available on a limited basis. Also, you'll need to give us enough time to get a PDF Proof back to you so that you can approve it by 3pm EST for Rushes, and by noon EST for SuperRushes.

Hard cover and Coil Bound books production schedule:

Hard cover and Coil Binding take a little longer. They have a 5-day PRODUCTION TIME. And you'll still need to add SHIPPING TIME to that. For example, if you OK your hard cover or coil bound books on Monday, we'll ship your books on the following Monday. See the map below for your shipping time. Expedited shipping (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air) is also available.

Proof OK'ed before
cut-off on...
Standard (cut-off is 5pm EST),
Books Ship...
Rush (cut-off is 3pm EST),
Books Ship...
SuperRush (cut-off is noon EST),
Books Ship...
Monday Monday Friday Thursday
Tuesday Tuesday Monday Friday
Wednesday Wednesday Tuesday Monday
Thursday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday
Friday Friday Thursday Wednesday
Saturday, Sunday Monday Friday Thursday

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