Our Paper Options: A Breakdown

February 27, 2019

If you’re new to printing a book, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to selecting the production materials that will compose your masterpiece. We try to break everything down for you on our website and online order form. If you ever have questions while filling out your order, look for the “More Info” icon on each selection for a detailed description.

A common request we receive is to describe our paper options. Below you will find a breakdown of each paper type, along with recommendations for each!


Offset Paper (uncoated):

60# Bright White - This is our standard paper option. It is a smooth, uncoated sheet. If you’re printing a standard chapter book, containing mostly text, this is the option most of our customers choose!

70# and 80# Bright White – These are thicker versions of our standard offset paper. If you are printing a book that people will be writing in, you’ll need an uncoated paper with added thickness, which makes these options perfect for workbooks and journals.

60# and 70# Cream – Our cream paper options are very much true to a cream color, rather than an off white. Many customers find that the cream adds a richness to their books. Our cream paper comes in the standard 60# weight and a slightly thicker 70# weight.